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HEAD Swimming is the first brand that jumped on the fast growing SWIMRUN sport and offer fully adapted wetsuits.

To give athletes the chance to try them, or people that will only participate once, are given the chance to try one out.
The Amphiman Race is the first event ever that will have the opportunity to offer athletes rented wetsuits

Conditions and details

The rental price for the ROUGH wetsuit is 40 euros.

Before you decide to rent, maybe buying a wetsuit is a better option for you.

    • The wetsuit offered here is the most basic one, if you buy you can get the better ones like the BASE or RACE types in the shop.
    • If you are planning to do more races, buying is definitely an option, since renting twice is already half the price of one you buy

If you decide after the race (within the week) to buy a swimrun wetsuit. The rental price will be deducted from the wetsuit you buy.

The number of wetsuits offered is limited, so fast deciders are a lot more sure of having the wetsuit in their size.
The order on the list is decided by the payment (Payments by bank transfer take more days).

The size table in included in the form (when you choose your gender, it will show).
The size table is considered as very accurate when well considering your length and weight.

If you have any question about the wetsuit or service, or you want to rent a wetsuit that is NOT on the list in the form, please send a mail to


Swimrun Wetsuit ROUGH Technical File

Wetsuit ROUGH Rental Form

Rental Service for LLEH 5/5 is closed


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  • The pickup of the wetsuit can be done when the race number is picked up:
    - the same morning
    - or the day before if pickup is open